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This Privacy Statement forms an integral part of the Medilink Tradesman’s Terms of Service, Anita Petričušić, Ilica 71, Zagreb. It refers to privacy, the collection of personal data, their use, and their possible discovery and forwarding to third parties.
We collect, process and keep information in order to make sure that your experience of using our Web site is as good as possible. We have secured data security, using encryption methods, accessing a secure connection, working with trusted partners.

What is personal information and what data are we collecting?
A personal data is any information relating to a particular physical person or a physical person that can be determined. Specifically, personal data are considered all the information that determines the customer’s identity (eg name and surname, e-mail address, address of residence, etc.).
Personal data processing is any act or set of actions performed on personal data, whether by automatic means or not, such as collecting, capturing, organizing, saving, modifying or modifying, retrieving, inspecting, using, detecting, transmitting, posting, or otherwise made available, categorized or combined, blocked, deleted or destroyed, and the implementation of logical, mathematical and other operations with these data.
For the sake of complete transparency and maximum security please our customers to read this statement carefully. If you agree with the Statement, you will confirm by electronic confirmation that you understand our Terms of Business, and this Statement of Privacy and Confidentiality of Personal Information. You give us the privilege of collecting and sharing the information in accordance with this statement and the legal provisions.
Please note that Medilink, owner Anita Petričušić, reserves the right to make changes to this statement at any time, and we ask our visitors to periodically review our Terms of Business, Privacy Statement and Data Confidentiality.

What data do we collect and why?
By registering on our site as a subscriber package, or by submitting a query to a particular clinic via contact form, we will ask you for specific information.
The same data is used for the purpose of concluding contracts, for the purpose of solving complaints and disputes, as well as for informational purposes, and for the purpose of promoting the services and products of the seller.
We collect this data:
General information needed to send a query to a clinic (first and last name, e-mail);
Campaign details – the source through which the user came to our site
Usage of our Website Usage (page visits, average page retention, number of pages viewed, and so on)
The data we publish on the page after the signed agreement on the use of health care information (name, surname, phone number …)

Sharing data with partners and employees

When submitting a contact form, you agree that your inquiry is forwarded to the health institution you requested the query.
Medilink, owner of Anita Petričušić, is obligated to forward your information only to the clinic you have submitted.
Your personal information will also be accessed by our company’s employees solely for the purpose of querying your healthcare provider.
Please note that our employees as well as partner companies have signed confidentiality statements and will keep the confidentiality of all personal data for which they have the right and the authority to access confidentiality.

Only in the case of giving you a separate privation and by logging in to our newsletter list you will be given permission to contact us for marketing and informational purposes only on the e-mail address provided. Of course, we will make sure that the information we send is beneficial.

Revocation of privles
It is important to note that at any time you can revoke your consent to processing activities of your personal information and / or marketing activities moderated towards you. Your data will be removed in accordance with your request, in whole or in part, for free.
You may file your right to access data, correct the data if it has changed, limit or objection in person at our address Medilink vl. Anita Petričušić, Ilica 71, Zagreb or by e-mail at You can also contact us at the same address if you are interested in what information we store, in what ways, and any information regarding the protection of your personal information.
In the event of a violation of the privacy of the data or the violation of the integrity of the data within our or the base of one of our partners we will notify the competent authorities and all relevant persons within 72 hours of the violation.