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MediLINK, a web and marketing business, owned by Anita Petričušić Short name: MediLINK vl. Anita Petričušić OIB: 17930457749 | MBO: 97796573 | Headquarters: Ilica 71, Zagreb, allows the use of content on (hereinafter which is determined by the terms of use and legal remarks.

Article 1.
This Terms determines the manner of using the web content on the website and is binding on any person accessing the mentioned sites (hereinafter: the User). These terms and conditions apply to Medilink vl.Anita Petričušić and Users in accordance with the Mandatory Obligations Act and agree to the application of these terms in the event of any disputes that may arise between Medilink vl.Anita Petričušić and User regarding the use of page

Article 2
By publishing the General Terms of Use on, it is considered that the User is familiar with the General Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy Statement and accepts and agrees that when using you will comply with the rules of conduct specified in the General Terms and Privacy Policy and the contractual obligations.

Article 3
The Internet is an international computer network that Medilink, owner of Anita Petričušić, as the owner of the website, is not directly controlled but is only tied to it and therefore can not guarantee the availability of services that it does not directly control.

Article 4
The materials contained on the website (in the further test: Content) are all available in text, numeric, tabular, pictorial or other multimedia format. Registered seals, signs, logos and other rights are protected by the regulations on industrial and intellectual property.

Article 5
Medilink owner Anita Petričušić, in good faith, provides the User with an insight into the content of The web site user agrees that the content of the specified site will be used solely and exclusively for personal purposes.
User should not:
Copy the content of a site to create a database in electronic or any other form and to use it publicly and distribute it to third parties
Download design, images, wallpaper or any other software and design solutions from
To transmit, broadcast, display, broadcast, publish, reproduce, sell, rent or store any part of the Content and transfer this information to third parties without written consent signed and verified by authorized person Medilink by Anita Petričušić

The User agrees not to use the services and servers in any way that could in any way jeopardize their normal operation. Unauthorized attempts to ship or exchange data are strictly prohibited.

Article 6
Medilink, owner of Anita Petričušić, assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the published data and the accuracy of the links to other websites due to the possibility of modifying data for which we have no knowledge and / or human error.

Article 7
Medilink, owner Anita Petričušić, warrants to its Users that the data collected at the conclusion of the contract will not be sold or leased to third parties. The same data are not available to anyone outside the tradesman Medilik Vlado Anita Petričušić.

Article 8
The user is using the site at his own risk and is personally liable for the actions he is undertaking on the content of these web sites and undertakes that in the event of any financial or material personal losses arising from the use of the information from the website, Medilink vl.Anita Ptričušić will not be charged

Article 9
Through, access to Content is protected by copyright (trademark, intelectual property rights). The User declares that he will use the Content in accordance with the laws and regulations that this Content is protected by the Content Owner.
The User agrees not to disclose or transfer any Content that is protected in any way without the consent of the Content Owner.

Article 10
Medilink’s owner, Anita Petričušić, has the right to distribute to the User an informative message by e-mail or in writing to inform his customers of changes in services, new services, service improvements and other information related to the use of and the User in the same manner.

Article 11
Medilink v Anita Petričušić does not receive compensation from the concluded business between the user and third parties, it does not correspond to the quality and origin of the item, nor to any consequences of possible tax liabilities arising from concluded deals between users and users and third parties.

Article 12
Medilink vl.Anita Petričušić reserves the right to publish commercial ads on all of its pages. Any correspondence or business with advertisers is the sole thing of advertiser and person – the Beneficiary.
Medilink vl.Anita Petričušić is not responsible for any damages or losses incurred as a result of such business or the presence of the ad.

Article 13
The User agrees to use their username and password for authorized access to the services on and is obliged to keep them from unauthorized use by third parties.

We keep this information as long as necessary to provide products and services to you and others, including those described above. The data associated with your account will be kept until your account is deleted. At any time you can request to delete your account by sending this email to

Article 14
Medical institutions advertised on page through the agreement have given consent to use the data for the purpose of drafting the advertisement.
All data that a user approves through a contract (all records, video works, photos) will become public and visible to all users of the directory
Once the administrator of the directory has entered all the information about the health institution and the special offers, the health institution will receive the ad and upon approval, within 24 hours from the moment of receipt of the payment (if the advertisement is paid the annual fee) publish and be visible to all users And the official translation into foreign languages ​​will be accessible and visible on page within 7 working days from the moment of publication in the directory.
At any time, the health care institution has the possibility to change the data provided by Medilink, Mrs. Anita Petričušić. And by e-mail: or personally at Ilica 71.

Article 15
Unacceptable or unauthorized use is considered to be:
-Orbit content
The User may not disclose or transmit information that violates existing legal regulations.
– No information
The User agrees that he will not post or transmit any information he or she should know that they are untruthful and whose use may cause harm to other users or
-Objecting, transferring, or sending protected content.
The user may not disclose personal and confidential information of a person, company, service or other entity.
– Realistic advertising
The user may not post or transmit promotional or promotional material containing inaccurate information, misleading statements or allegations. The User agrees not to send or transmit promotional or promotional materials to other users, subscribers and other users of the Internet without their consent or request, and will not post them to places where such materials are not foreseen.
– Good presentation
The User agrees not to misrepresent the use of the Internet service.
-Anna’s letters and spamming
The User agrees not to post, send, or transmit content that offers service or products in the form of chain letters to e-mails who have not expressed readiness to receive such content.
-Excellent contents
The user agrees not to post content on inappropriate sites (eg promotional materials on usenet newsgroups that are not foreseen). The User agrees not to use for publication or dissemination of materials / messages whose contents are in any way contrary to existing laws, offensive, biased, false, threatening, vulgar, impudent, explicit or in any way conceivable as a violation of civil rights.
-Expensive files, software and programs
The User agrees not to offer or attempt to offer to third parties files containing viruses or any software or program whose use could cause partial or complete disabling of computer work.

Article 16
The User is fully responsible for the legality, content, quality and authenticity of information, applications, data, audio and video records as well as all other materials offered and made available through Medilink.

Article 17
Medilink owner Anita Petričušić has the right to request from the user compensation for expenses caused by unacceptable and unauthorized use of the service and service.

Article 18
Service fees as well as all other fees charged by Medilink by Anita Petričušić under these General Terms and Conditions are determined by the price list valid at the time of use of the service.
Medilink vice Anita Petričsic is authorized to change the price list and is obliged to make it available to its customers in a customary and convenient manner in accordance with the law.

Article 19
Medilink v Anita Petričsic and the user agree to settle all disputes arising out of or in connection with each other, including disputes relating to the interpretation, application or execution of these General Terms and, if this is not possible, the court in Zagreb shall be solved.

Article 20
Medilink vl.Anita Petričušić reserves the right to modify, delete or supplement any part of the Website’s content and the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website without prior notice.